The Era of Smart Shopping Carts

With the development of artificial intelligence technology and new changes in the retail industry, many companies have begun to develop or use smart shopping carts. Although the smart shopping cart does have many application advantages, it also needs to pay attention to privacy and other issues.

In recent years, new-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have developed rapidly, and new economic formats such as e-commerce have continued to grow, driving changes in many industries. Now, in order to keep up with the new changes in the market and provide better services to customers, many companies have begun to use deep learning, biometrics, machine vision, sensors and other technologies to develop smart shopping carts.

Walmart Smart Shopping Cart

As a global retail giant, Wal-Mart attaches great importance to promoting service upgrades through technology. Earlier, Walmart applied for a patent for a smart shopping cart. According to the patent, the Walmart Smart Shopping Cart can monitor the customer’s heart rate and body temperature in real time, as well as the strength of holding the cross handle of the shopping cart, the time of the previous grip, and even the speed of the shopping cart.

Wal-Mart believes that once the smart shopping cart is put into use, it will bring a better service experience to customers. For example, based on the feedback information from the smart shopping cart, Wal-Mart can dispatch employees to help elderly or patients who may be in trouble. In addition, the shopping cart can also be connected to an intelligent APP to track calorie consumption and other health data.

At present, Volvo’s smart shopping cart is still in the patent stage. If it enters the market in the future, it is expected to bring some benefits to its marketing business. However, industry insiders said that the smart shopping cart needs to collect a lot of data, which may lead to unnecessary privacy disclosure, and then information security protection needs to be done.

New World Department Store Smart Shopping Cart

In addition to Wal-Mart, E-Mart, a large discount chain owned by South Korean retailer New World Department Store, has also released a smart shopping cart, which will start trial operation in the near future to enhance the competitiveness of the company’s offline distribution channels.

According to E-Mart, the smart shopping cart is called “eli”, and two of them will be deployed in a warehouse-style supermarket in southeast Seoul for a four-day display. With the help of the recognition system, the intelligent shopping cart can automatically follow customers and help them select products. At the same time, customers can also pay directly by credit card or mobile payment, and the smart shopping cart can autonomously determine whether all the goods are paid.

Super Hi Smart Shopping Cart

Unlike Wal-Mart and New World Department Store, Chao Hei is a research and development company to develop smart shopping carts. It is reported that Super Hi’s smart shopping cart, which focuses on self-service settlement, uses technologies such as machine vision, sensors, and deep learning to help solve the problem of long queues at the supermarket.

The company said that at present, after several years of research and development and iteration, its smart shopping cart can already recognize 100,000+SKU and carry out large-scale promotion. Right now, the Super Hi Smart Shopping Cart has been launched in several Wumart supermarkets in Beijing, and has landing projects in Shaanxi, Henan, Sichuan and other places as well as Japan.

Smart shopping carts are Great

Of course, it is not only these companies that develop smart shopping carts. Driven by the upsurge of artificial intelligence and new retail, it is expected that more and more supermarkets and shopping malls will introduce smart shopping cart products in the future, thereby accelerating the realization of commercialization, igniting this vast blue ocean, and creating a new huge market.

For retail companies, the application of smart shopping carts will undoubtedly be a great benefit. First, the smart shopping cart itself is a good publicity concept that can bring promotional dividends to the company; second, the smart shopping cart can bring customers a new shopping experience and increase user viscosity; again, the smart shopping cart can obtain a lot of key for the enterprise Data is conducive to integrating various resources, reducing operating costs, and increasing commercial profits. Finally, the smart shopping cart can also be used as an advertising platform, which can not only communicate more closely with customers, but also bring more extra income for enterprises.

All in all, the research and development of smart shopping carts has become more mature, and large-scale market application is also expected. Perhaps it won’t take long for us to meet these smart shopping carts in supermarkets and shopping malls, and then we will be able to experience a smart shopping experience.

Post time: Jul-20-2020