DuoDuo Heavy Duty Hand Truck LH5001 Dual Handle Hand Truck

Short Description:

Item No.:LH5001


Color:Yellow(can make other colors)

Plate size:24x37CM

Wheels: Φ240mm

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Heavy duty hand truck,suit for using in the warehouse. Additional foldable plate on this truck,it is longer than the basic plate,it is useful when you put the bigger cartons or bags on this plate.

This hand truck is also known as a “Sack trolley”, perfect for industrial workplaces and transporting boxes, packages, crates and much more. Not only does it look good, but this hand truck trolley is very effective and has a big load capacity. This truck features a durable steel frame, two non-slip wheels which have pneumatic tyres and a foldable loading plate.


. Heavy-duty hand trolley. This versatile and robust sack truck is suitable for heavy duty use. The strong footplate is providing a sizable surface area for carrying large loads. The concave frame provides firm support to your cargo, aiding stability. The pneumatic tyres adjust to the terrain for a smoother ride over uneven surfaces, which is ideal for exterior use. Wheel guards help ensure the load doesn’t get caught on the tyres.

. Weight & dimensions. This general purpose hand truck is manufactured from high quality materials and features concave frame suitable for small or large items and increases load stability. The trolley includes black handle grips for stability & ease of use.

. Easy to operate. Designed to get work done with less muscle strain and simple operation.

Carts are constructed to meet the demanding needs of the nursery and landscape professional. Heavy-duty construction combine with versatile features to withstand punishment from dirt, water, and general usage, making these nursery carts unsurpassed in the industry.

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