DuoDuo Flat-panel cart HC150B/250B Foldable Flatbed Trolley

Short Description:

Item No.: HC150B

Opened Size:73x47x81CM

Wheels Size: Φ100MM


Package: 1PC per carton

Carton Size:74x48x12/6CM

Material:Metal & Rubber & EVA


Item No.: HC250B

Opened Size:91x61x85CM

Wheels Size: Φ125MM


Package: 1PC per carton

Carton Size:91x61x14/6.5CM

Material:Metal & Rubber & EVA

Product Detail

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Foldable flat-panel cart,with 2 pieces 360 degree swivel wheels and 2 pieces fixed wheel, nice design and good quality,smoothly folding handle,can be opened and closed in a second. Humanized handle was covered soft sheath,comfort and non slip. Cold-roll steel plate,with anti-slip rubber plate on the platform deck,shock resistance,anti corrosion and anti-skid,have longer working life.

Featuring: classic stripe pad anti-skid PVC retainer iron flat design, space-saving folding armrest. Quiet! Convenience! ! Durable! ! ! More efficient to more easily. Easy and effortless, pull and push, free your lumbar spine. Design more scientific and simpler to use. Design scientifically, easy to use.

Ergonomic design. When working, our waist can no longer fall due to bending over. Trolley cart could save time and effort, double times improve work efficiency. Free your lumbar spine.

Environmental materials. Strengthen and fasten the car plate to make it have strong bearing capacity, and the car is more resistant to pressure and fall.

Quiet design. Silent pumping tire design, tires are more flexible, quieter and more labor-saving. Climbing the ground is effortless.

Inspiration: Inspired by everyone’s favorite Transformers “Bumblebee”, handsome in appearance, strong and quiet, and black covered sponge handrail is very resistant to dirt.

This flat-panel cart comes in two sizes, large and small. Equipped with mute caster armrest package sponge. The gorgeous yellow color changes your original boring and tedious handling work. With such a warm color, it seems the work not so boring and tired, right?

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